FAQ - Frequently asked questions

+What are good suggestions?

The proposals should simplify, improve, reduce or save a little. The proposal can also refer to your own work place.

+May I also make a suggestion about my work?

The proposal can also refer to your own work area.

+Who is eligible?

All DESY employees are entitled to participate, including trainees.

+ How do I submit my proposals?

You should use the Proposal form (PDF) to submit your proposals.

In your proposal, you should present the current state and also clearly describe what practical implementation of the proposal could look like and what improvement or savings effects can be achieved.
Please attach sketches, drafts and drawings.

+ Where can I get the form for my proposal?

You will receive the form (PDF) under the heading Forms.

+ Where do I submit my proposal?

You must send your completed and signed suggestion for improvement by in-house mail to BVW / Department V1.

+ What can I get as a bonus?

Depending on the savings that can be achieved and whether this proposal can "only" be applied in one place or in a large number of places, the premium amount is calculated on the basis of the BR works agreement.

+Who decides on proposal?

Our committee is composed as listed on the page "About us".