The company suggestion scheme (BVW)

In October 2019, the premium certificates were handed over by Annette Klatte (BVW Commission) and Riccardo Lami (Chairman BVW Commission).

Awards were given for four proposals (three from Hamburg and one from Zeuthen).

To create a DESY site plan showing all barrier-free buildings was proposed by Christina Haupt -D5- and Ivan Braining FS-TI.














Photo: Presentation of the award certificate to Christina Haupt


Additional information (personal protective equipment, transponder) for the DARF-DACHS. This saves time and thus also costs.                                   Photo: Presentation of the award

This proposal was submitted by Jörg Stephan ZM 5.              certificate to Jörg Stephan




And for the saving of packaging material by introducing a DESY-wide reusable system based on already standardized, durable Euroboxes. This was proposed by Martin Lemke ZM1.









Photo: Presentation of the award certificate to Lutz Heuchling

In Zeuthen, an "insect hotel" was proposed, in which stacks of wood are not disposed of.  This was suggested by Lutz Heuchling.

At the meeting of the BVW commission on 23 September 2019, a total of 19 submitted suggestions for improvement were discussed and decided upon. Four proposals were awarded prizes, decisions on four proposals were postponed and 11 proposals unfortunately had to be rejected.

Some of the rejected suggestions for improvement were already known as ideas by the experts and specialist departments, but could not yet be implemented for various reasons.

Many thanks to all reviewers for their assessments and comments and

many thanks to all submitters for the many good ideas.